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Ultrasound Probes Transducers

Stork Healthcare handheld ultrasound is easy to use. The handheld Doppler ultrasound is light and only takes three seconds to connect with smart displayers. Moreover, the linear and convex probes almost cover the whole-body examination such as subcutaneous organs, vessels, and abdomen. As one of the pro ultrasound probe manufacturers in China, Stork offers app-based imaging system for the handheld portable ultrasound machine so as to provide real-time inspections for professionals.
  • Linear Probe

    Linear Ultrasound Probe Frequency

    The linear array ultrasound probe has a linear arrangement of piezoelectric crystals and good near-field resolution, which can be used for superficial inspection. The frequency of linear ultrasound probes generally used for 2D imaging is 2.5-12MHz. Stork Healthcare's linear ultrasound probe frequency is 4-12MHz, which can be used for various superficial tissues, small organs, peripheral blood vessels, such as blood vessel examination, venipuncture, blood vessel visualization, chest, thyroid, tendon, etc.

    Linear Vs Convex Ultrasound Probe

    The center frequency of linear ultrasound probe is generally above 7MHz and the scanning depth is superficial. It's also named “Superficial Probe” because of usually being used for superficial organs and tissues such as the musculoskeletal, blood vessels, breasts, arteries, etc.

    The center frequency of the convex ultrasound probe is generally 3.5MHz and the scanning depth is deep. It's also named “Abdominal Probe” because of usually being used for the liver, kidney, lungs, abdominal cavity, pelvis and chest cavity, etc.

    Advantages of ultrasound convex probe compared with linear ultrasound probe:

    1)The scanning field of the deep part is wider under the condition of equal body surface area.

    2)It can effectively avoid the blind angle of scanning caused by the bone tissues such as ribs.

    3)It is more conducive to squeezing the gas inside the visceral organ by using the surface of the arc-shaped probe, which also is conducive to both observation and elimination of scanning the blind corner.

  • Convex Probe

    Convex Probe Frequency

    There are hundreds of piezoelectric crystals in the convex ultrasound probe and the crystals are arranged in a convex arc to generate a fan-shaped sound beam and obtain a trapezoidal image. The imaging resolution improves with the scanning depth of the ultrasound convex probe increasing, which is beneficial for deep inspection. The frequency of convex ultrasound probes generally used for 2D imaging is 2.5-7.5MHz.Stork Healthcare convex ultrasound probe frequency is 2-5MHz, which can be used in abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics and the urinary system, etc.

    Advantages of Our Convex Probe

    1. Wireless transducer without lag

    2. 5 image modes (B/C/M/Pulsed wave doppler/Power doppler) and no subscripition fee

    3. 32 presets make scan easier

    4. Good helper for puncture such as needle enhance, puncture guidance

    5. Automatic measurement of blood flow, velocity with opt

  • Phased Array Probe

    Phased Array Transducer Uses

    Phased array transducer is named after the arrangement of piezoelectric crystals, which is the most commonly used crystal. It is composed of a plurality of separate piezoelectric crystals in an array, adjusting the position and direction of the focus with the electronic system controlling and exciting each crystal unit according to certain rules and sequences.

                  Phased Array Transducers Phased Array Ultrasound Probe.png

    The beam spot of the phased array transducer is narrow but it will expand according to the application frequency. Additionally, its beam shape is approximate to the triangle and the near-field resolution is poor. The frequency of the Stork phased array transducer is 2-5MHz, which can be used for abdominal organs, heart, such as cardiac examination, transesophageal echocardiography, the abdominal examination also the brain examination, etc.

    Phased Array Probe VS Curvilinear

     When comparing phased array probes to curvilinear probes, it is important to consider the desired type of scanning and the location of the application. If you have a long scan that covers an area with high-z (thick) materials, then a phased array probe may be more suitable for your application. Phased array probes also have unique performance characteristics (such as beam attenuation) that make them great for measurements in non-conductive mediums such as food. However, if you are looking to acquire fast measurements and need to maintain small spot sizes due to measurement principles such as Absorption or Secondary Electrons or mapping applications such as eddy current or metal loss, then a curvilinear probe would be a much better choice. 

    The footprint of phased array probe is smaller than convex transder although its frequency is also 2-5MHZ. The pahsed array transducer is ideal for cardiac and available for abdominal examinations.

  • Less than 300g easy to take

    Less than 300g easy to take

  • 32 and 64 channels Better image quality

    32 and 64 channels Better image quality

  • Wireless zero delay lag-free

    Wireless zero delay lag-free

Your Specialities Of Portable Ultrasound Probes

Handheld ultrasound probes & portable ultrasound probes are playing increasingly important role in constrained environments and physical examinations because of its compact size and extraordinary image quality. Also, the real-time remote ultrasound system can connect the novice with practitioners to improve the efficiency of diagnosis. The butterfly portable handheld wireless ultrasound probe can help more and more people.

About Stork Healthcare

Founded in 2016, Stork Healthcare takes merely four years to become one of the leading ultrasound probe/transducer manufacturers in China. As an advice and solutions provider focused on ultrasound imaging, we aim to make the handheld portable ultrasound machine affordable for everyone.

Building Partnerships With Stork Healthcare

We are looking for good partners globally. Reasonable pricing system, assistance of local registration will be provided.
  • Instant Diagnosis

    Instant Diagnosis

    Only three seconds to connect the device with any displayer by scanning the QR code. Real-time imaging can provide instant diagnosis so that patients are not necessary to wait.
  • Affordability


    As one of the pro handheld ultrasound probe companies, Stork ultrasound offers handheld wireless ultrasound devices at much lower market prices. We advocate affordable pocket mobile ultrasound probe for everyone.
  • High Image Quality

    High Image Quality

    32/64 physical channels and 128 elements, the image quality is equivalent with some portable handheld ultrasound.

It is portable and economical.

Any questions or any requirements, suggestions with our handheld ultrasound device? Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do everything we could.

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