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Application of the Wireless Ultrasound Transducer in Medical Treatment

1. Introduction of the wireless ultrasound transducer

The ultrasonic waves emitted by the wireless ultrasound transducer are also known as mechanical waves, which have good directionality, strong penetrating ability, and the ability to spread in water and air. The wireless ultrasonic transducer can be used for distance measurement, speed measurement, cleaning, welding, stone crushing, sterilization, disinfection, etc. Based on the vibration excitation mode, transducers commonly used in ultrasound can be divided into magnetostrictive transducers and electrostrictive transducers.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the development of electronics enabled people to make various electromechanical transducers by using the piezoelectric effect and magnetostrictive effect of certain materials. In 1917, people made sandwich-type ultrasonic transducers with natural piezoelectric quartz and used them to explore submarines on the seabed. With the continuous development of ultrasonic applications in various military and economic sectors, magnetostrictive transducers with greater ultrasonic power have emerged, as well as various types of ultrasonic transducers with different purposes such as electric, electromagnetic, and electrostatic transducers. Nowadays, ultrasound probe manufacturers should take more responsibility to refine the medical ultrasound machine to get a better experience.

2. Application of the wireless ultrasound transducer in medical treatment

The application of the wireless ultrasound transducer in medical treatment is mainly divided into medical testing and medical treatment. 

As you commonly see in hospitals, medical instruments that we can commonly see such as B-ultrasound, colour doppler ultrasound, ultrasonic holography technology, ultrasound scalpel, and ultrasound crushing technology all use the wireless ultrasound transducer to work. The working principle of medical ultrasound is similar to that of sonar. When the ultrasonic wave emitted into the human body will be reflected and refracted when they encounter interfaces, and it will be absorbed and attenuated by the human body so that there is no harm to human body tissues. The wireless ultrasound transducer is used in different medical devices with different purposes. Also, the wireless ultrasound transducer is widely used in the medical industry because it is not harmful to the human body.

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