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Basic Requirements for the USG Transducer

1. Introduction of the medical USG transducer

The main function of the medical USG transducer is to convert human physiological signals into medical electrical signals. In modern medicine, it replaces the doctor's sensory organs and plays an extension role. It has become a key technology that restricts the development of advanced medical equipment and the important technological foundation for the information society. It can be said that the innovation of the medical USG transducer technology will surely promote the faster development of the modern medical ultrasound machine.

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2. Basic requirements of the medical USG transducer

The medical ultrasound transducer is an important branch of the sensor, and its design and application must consider the influence of factors from humans. Also, it is necessary to consider the particularity and complexity of biological signals, the biocompatibility, reliability, and safety of the portable USG probe.

1. The medical USG transducer itself has good technical performance, such as sensitivity, linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, frequency response range, signal-to-noise ratio, temperature drift, zero drift, sensitivity drift. 

2. The shape and structure of the medical USG transducer should be adapted to the anatomical structure of the tested part to minimize damage to the tissue under the test. 

3. The medical USG transducer must be firm enough so that it will not fall off or be damaged when it is introduced to the part that needs to be tested. 

4. The medical USG transducer must be sufficiently electrically insulated from the human body to ensure safety. 

5. The medical USG transducer can adapt to the chemical action in the biological body in the human body, and it can be compatible with the chemical composition in the biological body. It is not easy to be corroded, and it has no adverse stimulation to the human body. Besides, it is non-toxic. 

6. If the medical USG transducer enters the blood or is buried in the body for a long time, it will not cause blood coagulation. 

7. The medical USG transducer is easy to operate and maintain, and the structure makes it easy to disinfect.

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