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Cautions for Using Ultrasound Transducer

1. Principle of an ultrasound transducer

The most important ultrasonic detection technology is the ultrasound transducer, which transforms the ultrasonic signal into other energy signals (usually electrical signals). The principle of the ultrasound transducer is to use ultrasonic waves for data acquisition. Ultrasonic waves are mechanical waves whose vibration frequency is higher than 20kHz. It has the characteristics of high frequency, short wavelength, small diffraction, and especially good directionality (it can become a ray to transmit in a directional way). The ultrasonic wave has strong penetration into liquid and solid, especially into sunlight-opaque solid. When the ultrasonic wave encounters impurities or interfaces, it will form reflection echoes, and when it encounters a moving object, it will produce the Doppler effect. Therefore, ultrasound transducers are welcomed by medical staff and patients.

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2. Cautions for Using ultrasound transducer

In order to avoid abnormal phenomena in the use of the ultrasound transducer, we should pay attention to the following matters.

1) Do not use the ultrasound transducer outdoors or in places above the rated temperature to ensure its reliability and life;

2) Do not test materials that absorb sounds, such as fine powders and cotton;

3) Do not use nozzles near the ultrasound transducer. The nozzle can emit air jet of different frequencies and affect the ultrasound transducer;

4) The water droplets on the surface of the ultrasound transducer can shorten the detection distance;

5) Do not use an ultrasound transducer near the forced ventilator. The forced ventilator can change local temperatures, and increase the reflection and refraction at the interface;

6) Do not use ultrasound transducers in steam areas. The steam areas have a temperature gradient, which will affect the results;

7) Do not use ultrasound transducer in vacuum area or explosion-proof area.

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