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Definition and Characteristics of Emergency Department Ultrasound Technology

Emergency ultrasound technology refers to the application of ultrasound technology to the daily work of emergency physicians, the use of ultrasound technology to timely assess the physical condition of critically ill patients then to obtain a more accurate assessment and diagnosis information for acutely ill, critically ill or trauma patients to guide clinical practice, so as to deal with the performance of very high-risk surgery or difficult surgery. Emergency physicians can also use ultrasound to perform real-time visual monitoring of patients' condition changes as an auxiliary means of clinical treatment.

Different from the traditional ultrasound examination and interventional diagnosis and treatment technology completed by the ultrasound department, the emergency department ultrasound technology is a targeted ultrasound examination technology led by emergency physicians. It can also quickly carry out emergency department ultrasound examinations to understand the main and important clinical problems of acute and critical illness, or to diagnose clinical symptoms or signs involving multiple systems, to interpret and analyze the examination results, and even take immediate measures.

1. The characteristics of the emergency ultrasound technology

Provide anatomical, functional and physiological information for the diagnosis and treatment of emergency patients;

The technology must be easy to master and quick to complete;

A separate or repeated emergency ultrasound examination can be performed according to the needs of the condition;

It can be used for the guidance of clinical operations also the physiological or pathological feature detection during the treatment process.


Stork Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Probe

Emergency ultrasound technology is to perform emergency ultrasound examinations by emergency physicians or other personnel under the guidance of emergency physicians in emergency departments or other emergency settings,and to analyze the examination results. Emergency ultrasound examination should be charged as an independent examination.

Therefore, emergency ultrasound technology and traditional ultrasound performed by the department of ultrasound are two different technology range. Emergency ultrasound is a clinical examination technique used in emergency medicine, not a substitute for traditional ultrasound examination.


Stork Wireless Handheld Ultrasound-Various Applications

According to the characteristics of emergency ultrasound and the need of clinical work, the basic application and advanced application of emergency ultrasound were summarized. Criteria for inclusion in "core use" is: widely used, with sufficient evidence to support its uniqueness in diagnosing or guiding clinical decision making; or in major emergency diagnosis and convalescent treatment; has been well used in developed countries for more than 20 years; practical, safety and research aspects are playing an important role (such as DVT, pulmonary ultrasound).

2. Technology of emergency ultrasound

Each application of emergency ultrasound technology represents a clinical examination technology, which reflects the great advantages of emergency ultrasound technology in various emergency places. In terms of classification of emergency care ultrasound techniques, a single application technique may be used in multiple projects and in multiple clinical settings.

For example, the key cardiac assessment technology of emergency ultrasound, which can be used to determine whether a cardiac patient with an enlarged heart on chest X-ray has pericardial effusion; in CPR, it can be used to distinguish true pulseless electrical activity from extreme blood capacity reduction. In addition, multiple emergency ultrasound techniques also can be used to judge a clinical situation (for example: the key cardiac assessment technology of emergency ultrasound/lung ultrasound technology combined), combined with clinical symptoms to assess the overall circulatory function of the patient.


Stork Wireless Handheld Ultrasound - Cardiac Application

The wide popularization of emergency ultrasound technology can promote more emergency physicians to apply this technology and improve the medical quality to serve patients better.

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