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Different Classifications of Ultrasound Probes and Usage Skills

The probe is one of the most important components of the B supersonic diagnostic set. Ultrasonic probes can be classified from different aspects.

Types of ultrasound probes

(1) Classified by diagnostic location: There are ophthalmic probes, cardiac probes, abdominal probes, cranial probes, intracavitary probes, etc.;

(2) Classification by application: There are extracorporeal probes, intracorporeal probes, and biopsy probes;

(3) According to the number of vibration elements used in the transducer in the probe, there are unit probes and multi-element probes.

Use of different ultrasound probes

In the ultrasonic inspection process, the transmission and reception of ultrasonic waves are realized through the probe. The performance of the probe directly affects the characteristics of ultrasound and the imaging effect of ultrasound. Commonly used ultrasound probes include the phased array ultrasound probe, convex array probe and linear ultrasound probe.

(1) The phased array ultrasound probe has a small surface area and is easy to scan the entire heart through the intercostal space. Generally, the frequency is lower, and the frequency of the pediatric phase-control array probe is slightly higher. It is mainly used for a heart scan, intracranial blood vessel scan and lung ultrasound scan, etc.

(2) The convex array probe has a large surface area, which is easy to scan various organs and spaces in the abdominal cavity. Generally, the frequency is low. The convex array probe for children is slightly higher, but the surface area of the probe is smaller. It is mainly used for abdominal and pelvic and other organ scans, FAST scans, pleural effusion scans, and lung ultrasound scans.

(3) The surface area of the linear probe is different. Generally, the frequency is high, so it is mainly used to scan musculoskeletal, blood vessels, superficial organs and tissues. With the widespread use of ultrasound in clinical practice, especially the use of four-dimensional ultrasound, 4D probes have become more and more popular.

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