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Needle visualization is important for safe and successful ultrasound-guided surgery. Stork handheld ultrasound software Enhanced Needle Visualization (ENV) provides improved ultrasound imaging of needles even at steep insertion angles.

Under ultrasound, soft tissues such as nerves, blood vessels, and muscles can be seen, which reduces the risk of accidentally injuring blood vessels and nerves. Ultrasound positioning is performed before treatment. During treatment, the process of needle knife release can be seen in real-time, which can improve the accuracy of target release.

Orthopedics, Pain, Rehabilitation, and other disciplines are usually performed under the guidance of X-ray and CT, or not guided by imaging, but only by surface markers. In recent years, ultrasound-guided interventional therapy has been rapidly applied in these disciplines. With the development, the emergence of these technologies has greatly improved the accuracy, safety, and diagnostic information derived from the operation.

At present, the well-known ultrasound-guided puncture medical technology uses ultrasound diagnostic equipment to perform interventional diagnosis and treatment on a certain lesion in the patient's body. Guide the puncture needle to perform puncture by observing the image displayed by the ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, and perform clinical operations such as tissue or cell collection, body fluid drainage, and medical fluid injection on the site. The puncture needle used for ultrasound guidance is composed of an outer cylinder needle, an inner needle, and a needle seat. The inner needle can be pushed and pulled freely when inserted into the outer cylinder needle, and the needle tips of the two needles have the same single-edged acute angle.

In the ultrasound intervention process, various ultrasound puncture probes and puncture frames attached to the probe are tools for an interventional ultrasound. This is based on the development of ultrasound imaging and developed to further meet the needs of clinical diagnosis and treatment. of. Its main function is to complete various operations such as biopsy, fluid extraction, puncture, angiography, vascular drainage, blood transfusion, and cancer foci injection under real-time ultrasound monitoring or guidance, which can avoid certain surgical operations and achieve the same Same effect as surgery.

The realization principle of the intelligent puncture enhancement technology is rough as follows: the system first emits ultrasound from different angles to obtain the corresponding frames of the needle display image and then uses the image recognition algorithm to find the clearest needle display frame from these frames, so as to speculate The angle of the needle penetration does not require the doctor to judge by himself. Such angle detection will always be carried out during the imaging process, so as to automatically adjust the deflected ultrasonic beam according to the angle change of the needle. (Of course, the implementation details are complicated. For example, when detecting the angle of the needle, imaging results need to be collected from different angles. This should not affect the imaging speed too much.

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