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"Handheld Wireless Ultrasound": Significant Advances in Chinese Medical Technology

1. Wireless handheld ultrasound device

In surgery, "Handheld Wireless Ultrasound" is not limited by the cable and is more flexible to use. Moreover, the probe can be put into a disposable protective cover, and the cover can be changed after use, which can solve the problem of disinfection well.

In addition, the wireless ultrasound probe is based on the intelligent terminal, and the powerful communication function of the intelligent terminal can also be used to better meet the needs of telemedicine.

微信图片_20211105142729.pngStork's Wireless Handheld Ultrasound: Remote Application

The wireless ultrasound probes can be connected with phone or tablet, which is very convenient. And the device is small and easy to carry: it's slightly larger than a cell phone and fits in your pocket.

Wireless, free to use: no fetters of probe cables, more flexible use; overall waterproof and easy to sterilize: small and wireless, can be put in a disposable sleeve; remote diagnosis is convenient, using the powerful Internet communication function of smart terminals, it is very convenient to realize remote Medical assistance.

Wireless handheld ultrasound devices are widely used in clinical practice. The device is suitable for the measurement and analysis of clinical conditions such as abdomen, heart, urinary system, obstetrics and gynecology, and pediatrics, as well as the detection of thoracic/pleural movement and effusion, and physical examination in the field of special care.

Imaging information readily available anytime, anywhere enables clinicians to expand their horizons beyond what was previously possible and gain timely insights into patient internal health conditions. In this way, doctors can more accurately triage and classify patients, simplifying the diagnosis and treatment process and improving the quality of diagnosis and treatment.

Whether it is a large hospital in a city or a grassroots clinic in a remote mountain village, a handheld ultrasound device is available. It can be used in clinical, physical examination, first aid, and the detection and diagnosis of diseases and injuries in batches of disaster events.

基层(1).jpgStork's Wireless Palm Ultrasound: Application in Primary Care

This is of great significance for improving the efficiency, service level and quality of medical and health care and meeting the multi-level, diversified and low-cost medical and health needs of the people.

2. The convenience of wireless handheld ultrasound device

Now the B-ultrasound equipment in some hospitals is still the traditional kind of bulky and cumbersome. Patients need to make an appointment and queue up in advance. The procedure is very compilicated, and it must be done by a special department, and doctors cannot use it clinically.

abdomen_1615348597(1).jpgStork's Wireless Palm Ultrasound: Clinical Application

In the event of a major accident or disaster, ultrasound equipment can only be transported by vehicle or plane. For example, during the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan, military helicopters were needed to transport equipment during rescue. Wireless handheld ultrasound device will solve many difficulties in using ultrasound in emergency situations.

Lite31C,L(1).jpgStork's Wireless Palm Ultrasound

Resident physician, simple investigation; this equipment can be used in special situations where some large instruments cannot reach, such as earthquake rescue.

Its advantages are that it can save waiting and referral time and costs for patients, improve doctors' work efficiency, expand usage scenarios and coverage, and more in line with the trend of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment.

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