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How Much Does a Home Ultrasound Machine Cost?

1. Different types of household portable ultrasound machines

According to the different ultrasonic probes, portable ultrasonic instruments can be divided into standard linear wireless ultrasonic probes, convex portable ultrasonic probes, and phased array probes.

The phased array probe has the advantages of small size and light weight, high resolution, and can display two or more channels of M-mode at the same time. It is easy to scan the whole heart through the intercostal space. Generally speaking, phased array probes have lower frequencies. Pediatric phased array probes have a slightly higher frequency and are mainly used for cardiac, intracranial vascular and lung ultrasound scans.

Linear probes vary in surface area, from large to small. Generally, its frequency is high, so it is mainly used for musculoskeletal, blood vessels, superficial organs and tissues.

The sector scanning of the convex array probe has a larger near-field field of view and a larger far-field field of view. The contact surface between the probe and the body surface is smaller than the linear array probes, which is convenient to operate and suitable for scanning the intercostal and pelvic regions. Convex array probe is mainly used for abdominal and pelvic organ scanning, FAST scanning, pleural effusion scanning and lung ultrasound scanning.

2. Where to buy a household ultrasound machine?

If you're shopping for a new or used household ultrasound machine, you've come to the right place! We have seen a lot of changes in the ultrasound landscape since we started offering refurbished console ultrasound systems in 2004.

It was during this time, with advances in diagnostic imaging, that we decided to shift our focus to the portable aspect of ultrasound systems, resulting in household ultrasound machines.

Stork Healthcare is a company specializing in the field of ultrasound, providing portable non-invasive diagnostic ultrasound medical equipment and services. Founded in 2016, Stork has become one of leading ultrasound probe manufacturers in China in just four years.

Traditional large-scale ultrasonic instruments generally have disadvantages such as large size, heavy weight, high price, and limited use scenarios. Relatively speaking, portable ultrasound instruments are more advantageous in terms of price, and are easy to carry and operate, making it easy to enter clinical departments and use in primary medical care. With the help of the intelligent diagnosis module, Stork can move the conventional usage scenarios of ultrasound out of a single imaging department, allowing clinicians to use ultrasound equipment like a stethoscope, which greatly expands the use scenarios and market scale of ultrasound equipment.

3. The cost of a household ultrasound machine

In terms of price, household ultrasound machines are also much cheaper than traditional large ultrasound machines. According to the analysis, most new ultrasound devices cost between $20,000 and $75,000. High-end ultrasound machines sell for more than six figures. And in the past few years, the price of portable ultrasound machines has dropped significantly.

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