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How Should You Care Your Transducer?

Last, you should know that the transducer is very important in the ultrasound probe. Meanwhile, it's a costly element relative to an ultrasound. So there are some tips to be paid attention to in use and suggestions on protecting your probe after purchase, and no matter what the type of ultrasound transducer is.

  • Do not let the transducer be impacted by an external force.

  • Be careful not to allow the liquid to enter the transducer.

  • Wipe the coupling gel and other visible substances from the transducer after each use.

  • Be sure to avoid the fan port when disinfecting the transducer.

For full detailed instructions on protecting your ultrasound probes and what the most common problems are, please reference the User Manual that explains this topic in more depth.

In conclusion, we hope that you will have a clear image of Stork ultrasound transducer types after reading this article. And that you will be more prepared the next time if you want to purchase Stork wireless handheld ultrasound probes.

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