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How to Choose A Right Probe Type?

How to choose among H series, S series, and Lite series?

In a word, H, S, Lite rank from basic to top-level. The difference can be found as below:

1.Channels: The h series has 32 channels, while S and Lite have 64 channels separately, therefore the S and Lite overall have better image quality than the H series.

2.Size and weight: H series is 350g; S is 300g; Lite is 220g. the size of H and S is the same while Lite is 16.1x5x3.2cm (linear as an example).

3.Scan time: H series is 6000MA 4.5 hours; S and Lite 3000MA 1.5 hours.

4.Certificates: at the moment only H has CE and ISO certificates, S and Lite are in the progress. If your country has strict rules on importing the medical device, H is your best choice.

5.Types: H and S have linear and convex probes while only Lite phased array probes can do tests for the heart.

Difference among H series S series and Lite series

How to select the right transducer?

We have three types of probes: convex, linear, and phased array.

1.Linear transducer:

Firstly, the piezoelectric crystal arrangement is linear, the shape of the beam is rectangular, and the near-field resolution is good.

the linear transducer has a wide footprint and its frequency range is from 4Mhz – 12Mhz.

You can use this transducer for various applications, such as:

Vascular examination, Venipuncture, blood vessel visualization, Breast, Thyroid, Tendon, Nerve, The thickness measurement of body fat and muscles.

2.Convex transducer:

The convex ultrasound transducer is also called the curved transducer because the piezoelectric crystal arrangement is curvilinear.

Moreover, the beam shape is convex and the transducer is good for in-depth examinations.

For example, the convex transducer has a wide footprint and its frequency is 2MHz – 5MHz.

You can use it for Abdominal examinations, Diagnosis of organs.

3.Phased array transducer:

Phased Array transducer has a small footprint and low frequency (its central frequency is 2Mhz – 5Mhz).

The beam point is narrow but it expands depending on the applied frequency. Furthermore, the beam shape is almost triangular and the near-field resolution is poor.

Linear transducer, Convex transducer and Phased array transducer:

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