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How to Start a Mobile Ultrasound Business?

With the rapid development of microelectronics technology, various types of mobile ultrasound equipment have emerged as the times require, and their applications in the medical and health field are becoming more extensive. Mobile ultrasound is a type of medical ultrasound equipment that combines a mobile phone-sized, easy-to-control host and probe into one, which has the characteristics of small size, light weight and low power consumption. Based on the technology of wireless image transmission, intelligent diagnosis and remote diagnosis become possible. Once the cost-effective handheld ultrasound equipment came out, it was concerned and welcomed by grassroots doctors and clinicians.

Mobile ultrasound is becoming more common as it is a way for doctors to bill patients directly while outsourcing ultrasound activities to outside suppliers.

Ⅰ. What qualifications are required to start mobile ultrasound?

1. Gain industry knowledge

While a background in the field is not required to perform mobile ultrasound, training in diagnostic medical sonography is available through several organizations that offer healthcare-related courses.

2. Secure financing for your business

First, determine your startup expenses by creating a project record of all projected equipment, payroll, travel, fuel, maintenance, rent, and operating costs related to overhead.

Next, explore available financing avenues by making phone calls, sending emails, and designated visits to banks, lenders, and business assistance offices.

You can use your existing savings to start your business or seek out loan, grant or credit card financing. Information about start-up financing assistance is available online and on the government page of your local phone book.

Additionally, local one-stop business assistance offices and small business administration centers are easily accessible in most major cities across the country.

3. Register your business

Choose the type of business that best suits your entrepreneurial goals. Sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, and S corporations are some of the business structures that are available.

Currently, there are no specific local medical licensing requirements for the launch of a mobile ultrasound business. County and city commerce offices can provide extensive information on application fees, business name registration, and zoning restrictions. Information about local government business resource centres is available online, in public libraries and on the government pages of the local telephone directory.

4. Purchase equipment

The mobile ultrasound business relies heavily on transporting diagnostic equipment to locations where imaging and consultations are performed.

Ⅱ. Introduction of Stork's mobile ultrasonic probe products

Founded in 2016, Stork Healthcare is a company specializing in the field of ultrasound, providing portable non-invasive diagnostic ultrasound medical equipment and services. As a provider of equipment and solutions focused on ultrasound imaging, the goal is to make mobile ultrasound affordable for everyone.

As a professional ultrasound probe manufacturer, Stork has long been an innovative high-tech enterprise of handheld ultrasound instruments working together with the government, enterprises, universities and research institutes. Stork is committed to providing solutions to problems in the medical imaging field, thereby improving the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

Stork has a wide range of ultrasound transducers covering whole body examinations and meeting different clinical requirements. Three series of different mobile ultrasound probes: H31C/L, S31C/L, Lite31C/L/P. The number of physical channels of the probes of Stork products is also higher, which is the number of channels commonly used by large-scale ultrasound equipment. The higher the number of array elements, the clearer the ultrasound image and the higher the resolution.

With the deepening of the understanding and application of ultrasound technology in clinical medicine, the progress of ultrasound technology and the application prospects of artificial intelligence based on deep learning, cloud platform and big data analysis in ultrasound medical imaging, and there will be many new opportunities for development in the ultrasound medical imaging industry.

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