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Image Mode Switch

Stork Ultrasound Probe Image

B Mode

A two-dimensional ultrasound image display is composed of bright dots representing the ultrasound echoes.

C Mode (the picture above)

The velocity and direction of blood flows are depicted in a color map superimposed on the 2-D image. Color flow is shown in ROI.  Its size and location are adjustable.

M Mode

A diagnostic ultrasound presentation of the temporal changes in echoes in which the depth of echo-producing interfaces is displayed along one axis and time is displayed along the second axis, recording motion of the interfaces toward and away from the transducer.

PW Mode

PW (Pulsed wave) Doppler mode, is moving objects that change the characteristic of sound waves. By sending short and quick pulses of sound, it becomes possible to accurately measure the velocity of blood in a precise location and in real-time.

PD Mode

PD (Power Doppler) mode, is used to obtain images that are difficult or impossible to obtain when using a standard color Doppler and is also used to provide greater detail of blood flow, especially in vessels that are located inside organs.

DPD Mode

DPD (Directional Power Doppler) mode, shows the direction of blood flow in the PD Mode image (away from the probe or toward the probe). DPD Mode image is capable of all the advantages of PD Mode image, moreover, the directional information that is not available in PD Mode image.

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