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Cleaning & Disinfection of an ultrasonic probe

Clean and Disinfect the probe

It is important to clean and disinfect the portable ultrasound probe immediately after use.

  • Remove all coupling gel and other visible substances from the probe by wiping with a soft dry cloth. If necessary to remove material dried to the surface, the cloth can be moistened with lukewarm water.

  • Inspect the probe's lens and casing after each use. To check out any damage that would allow liquid to enter the probe.

  • After cleaning, spray disinfect onto the surface of the probe head one for two or three times, let stand for about 1 minute then wipe out the disinfectant with a clean cloth.

For full detailed instructions on cleaning your probe, please reference the User Manual.

Disinfecting the Mobile Device

It may be necessary to disinfect your mobile device after use. For details, refer to your mobile device's policy and website for support.


Please be sure to avoid the fan port when disinfecting the ultrasound probe.

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