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Principle of the Medical USG Transducer

What is the medical USG transducer?

The medical USG transducer can be regarded as a set of information conversion devices, which can convert the physiological information of the human body into electrical information with a definite functional relationship. It contains a very comprehensive science and technology.


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Working principle of the medical USG transducer

Human physiological information is divided into two categories of electrical information and non-electrical information. In terms of distribution, there is internal information (such as blood pressure and other types of pressure), body surface information (such as electrocardiogram and other types of bio-electricity) and external information (such as infrared, biomagnetism). The medical USG transducer is a device that converts the change of physical quantities (mechanical quantities, mechanical quantities, etc.) into electrical quantities. In general, it is composed of elastic elements, sensing elements and measuring circuits. The elastic element is the bridge that connects the measured object and the sensing element, and it is the key component of the USG transducer. The structural shape, material, processing accuracy, heat treatment technology, etc. will affect the performance of the transducer. The processing technology of the elastic element has a great influence on the performance of the medical USG transducer. In general, it should be processed by heat treatment after rough machining, and then processed by special ageing treatment. Also, static and dynamic loading treatments can be carried out after reducing mechanical hysteresis in order to improve elasticity.

In terms of structure, it is required that the elastic element is only affected by the measured physical quantity while minimizing the influence of other physical quantities as far as possible. The material of the elastic element should have high strength and toughness, good elasticity, low hysteresis, high fatigue limit, and good hardenability. According to the force and deformation, the shape of the elastic element can be divided into cantilever beam, simply supported beam, pure bending type, tension and compression rod, hollow circular shaft, etc. Different forms can be selected for different purposes. The medical USG transducer is the product of the continuous development and combination of medical biomedical technology and engineering technology.

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