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  • Lite31C Convex Probe
  • Lite31C Convex Probe
  • Lite31C Convex Probe
  • Lite31C Convex Probe
  • Lite31C Convex Probe
  • Lite31C Convex Probe

64 physical channels and 128 elements bring high resolution and smooth images. Lite31C convex array probe can be applied on ultrasonic examination on the abdomen, renal, obstetrics, gynecology, urology, etc. As a handheld ultrasound probe, Lite31C has a built-in battery and can be used in the out-hospital, battlefield, and so on.

Specifications of Lite31C Convex Array Probe


Dimensions: 188*75*34mm

Weight: 220 grams

Battery: 3000 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery

Battery life: 1.5 continuous hours of scanning


Android system

Tablet: MI Pad 5, MI Pad 5 Pro, HUAWEI Mate Pad 11, Samsung S5E

Phone: Redmi K40

 IOS system

Tablet/Phone: all iphone and ipad released after September 2020


2-5 MHz central frequency

Max depth: 37.8cm

Footprint: radius 60mm

Imaging mode B/C/M/PW/PD/DPD

Cine loop: 100frame

Pic format: JPG/PNG/BMP/DCM

Measurement: Area, bore narrow, ellipse, distance, angle, hip joint

Controls: Depth, Gain, Dynamic range, Frequency, Frame rate, Enhancement, Gray map, persistence

Images Of Lite31C Convex Probe

  1. Lite31C Convex Probe
  2. Lite31C Convex Probe
  3. Lite31C Convex Probe
  4. Lite31C Convex Probe
Applications Of Lite31C Convex Probe

As a pro ultrasound probe manufacturer in China, Stork has many humanistic presets to help novices quickly start the operation. Similar to other convex probes sold by Stork, Lite31C can also automatically assist the examination of Abdomen, Renal, GYN, OB Mid Late, OB Early, Phantom, Biopsy, Spleen, and so on. Under these presets, physicians will not spend too much effort adjusting the parameters.

Display of Lite31C Convex Ultrasound Probe in Practical Application

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