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The central frequency of the Stork phased array transducer is 2-5 MHz. Phased array ultrasonics (PA) is an advanced method of ultrasonic testing that has been applied in medical imaging and industrial nondestructive testing. The phased array ultrasound probe consists of many small ultrasonic transducers, each of which can be pulsed independently. By changing the progressive time delay the beam can be steered electronically. The phased array transducer ultrasound can be swept like a searchlight through the tissue being examined, and the data from multiple beams are put together to make a visual image showing a slice through the object.

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Types Of Phased Array Probe

  • Lite31P Phased Array Probe +

    Lite31P Phased Array Probe

    64 physical channels and 128 elements bring high resolution and smooth images. It can be applied on ultrasonic examination on abdomen, renal, obstetrics, gynecology, and urology,etc. The handheld ultr...

Phased Array Transducer Uses

Phased array transducer is named after the arrangement of piezoelectric crystals, which is the most commonly used crystal. It is composed of a plurality of separate piezoelectric crystals in an array, adjusting the position and direction of the focus with the electronic system controlling and exciting each crystal unit according to certain rules and sequences.

              Phased Array Transducers Phased Array Ultrasound Probe.png

The beam spot of the phased array transducer is narrow but it will expand according to the application frequency. Additionally, its beam shape is approximate to the triangle and the near-field resolution is poor. The frequency of the Stork phased array transducer is 2-5MHz, which can be used for abdominal organs, heart, such as cardiac examination, transesophageal echocardiography, the abdominal examination also the brain examination, etc.

Phased Array Probe VS Curvilinear

 When comparing phased array probes to curvilinear probes, it is important to consider the desired type of scanning and the location of the application. If you have a long scan that covers an area with high-z (thick) materials, then a phased array probe may be more suitable for your application. Phased array probes also have unique performance characteristics (such as beam attenuation) that make them great for measurements in non-conductive mediums such as food. However, if you are looking to acquire fast measurements and need to maintain small spot sizes due to measurement principles such as Absorption or Secondary Electrons or mapping applications such as eddy current or metal loss, then a curvilinear probe would be a much better choice. 

The footprint of phased array probe is smaller than convex transder although its frequency is also 2-5MHZ. The pahsed array transducer is ideal for cardiac and available for abdominal examinations.

Phased Array Transducer Image

  1. Phased Array Transducer Image Phased Array Transducer Image
  2. Phased Array Transducer Image Phased Array Transducer Image
  3. Phased Array Transducer Image Phased Array Transducer Image

User Experiences Of Stork Phased Array Probes

  • The phased array probe with phased array transducer ultrasound can realize real-time color imaging, including B/C/M/PW, which is convenient for defect interpretation, and will not misjudge or miss the defect; when the phased array probe is used, the scanning device is simple, easy to operate and maintain; it is more convenient to use; when the patient is inspected, it is easy to detect defects in various directions and different positions.

    Lisa Lisa
  • The use effect of Stork Phased Array Probes is good. The defect detection rate is high, the detection range is wide, and the quantification and positioning accuracy is high. After the inspection, the detection results are little influenced by human intervention. The factor has little influence, and the data is easy to store, manage and call, and connect to the computer to print and view.

    Eric Eric
  • When the doctor is operating, there is no discomfort, the image of the phased array ultrasound probe is clearly visible, and the examination is very careful, and the patient can clearly see the imaging. The high-tech medical equipment and professional doctors make us feel at ease during the examination.

    Yamamoto Yamamoto
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