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Routine Maintenance of Sonography Probe

1. Understanding sonography probe

The sonography probe is a key component of the ultrasound system. The most fundamental job of the ultrasonic probe is to realize the mutual conversion between electric energy and sound energy, that is, it can convert electric energy into sound energy and sound energy into electric energy. The key element to complete this series of conversions is the piezoelectric crystal. The same crystal is precisely cut into units and arranged in a geometric array in an orderly manner. A sonography probe may consist of as few as dozens of elements or as many as thousands of array elements. Each array element is composed of 1 to 3 units.

The outermost layer of the sonography probe has a strange name called the lens. Although it is not glass, for the ultrasound beam, this layer is equivalent to a glass lens, whose role is to assist the focus of the ultrasound beam. The array element and the lens layer are tightly glued and pressed together, and there must be no dust, impurities, or air.

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2. Daily maintenance of sonography probe

In daily use, we try to develop a good habit of caring for the ultrasonography transducer, which can make the life of the sonography probe longer, more effective, and less malfunctioning. So, what aspects should we pay attention to daily?

  • Handle the sonography probe gently, and don't bump it;

  • Freeze the sonography probe when it is not in use. The main engine drops the excitation high voltage to the array element, the crystal unit no longer oscillates, and the sonography probe stops working, which can delay the ageing of the crystal unit and prolong the life of the probe;

  • Freeze the probe before replacing it, and lock the probe gently;

  • Do not leave the coupling agent, when not using the sonography probe, just wipe off the coupling agent on it;

  • Prevent leakage from corroding array elements and welding points;

  • Be careful when disinfecting. Chemical agents such as disinfectants and cleaning agents will cause the lens and wire rubber sheath to age and become brittle. When immersing and disinfecting, avoid contact between the probe socket and the disinfectant.

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