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Significance and Notes of Abdominal Ultrasound Examination

Abdominal ultrasound is very helpful for the examination of digestive system diseases, urinary system diseases and reproductive system diseases, so it is widely used in clinical practice. However, in daily life, there are still people who do not know this kind of inspection very well, so we had better learn more about this knowledge.

1. Ultrasound abdominal examination is very versatile

Ultrasound is a very common inspection method. There are many ultrasound machine probe types that can be used in the medical field. It uses the human body to observe the reflection of ultrasound, and then image the reflected wave, which is very helpful for diagnosis and inspection of diseases.

This kind of abdominal ultrasound examination has many advantages, not only the method is simple and the accuracy rate is high, but also it will not cause damage to the body, so it is widely used in clinical practice.

General abdominal ultrasound can observe the shape and size of the liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, kidney, bladder, prostate and other organs, which is very helpful for the diagnosis of digestive system diseases, urinary system diseases and reproductive system diseases.

Although this kind of abdominal ultrasound examination has many benefits, patients should still follow the doctor's instructions before performing this examination and make corresponding preparations. For example, when examining gastrointestinal diseases, the patient should keep an empty stomach. When examining urinary system diseases, the bladder should be kept full, so that the most accurate examination results can be obtained, thereby preventing misdiagnosis and confusion of the condition.

2. What should you pay attention to during abdominal ultrasound examination?

During the ultrasound examination of the abdomen, we must follow the doctor's instructions and maintain a lying position. At the same time, we should relax and not be too anxious and nervous. The doctor must strictly follow the regular procedures during the examination and do not delay or confuse the condition because of your own comfort.

After the results of the abdominal ultrasound examination, if the patient finds that the body is abnormal, he must not be negligent. Further examinations should be carried out as soon as possible to determine the severity of the condition as soon as possible, and then choose the appropriate plan for treatment, so as to try hard to reduce the impact of the disease on the body.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of abdominal ultrasound examination. There are many advantages of this method of examination, and it is very helpful for diagnosing a variety of diseases. However, patients should not be taken lightly during the examination. They should make psychological preparations and adjust their mentality so that they can get the most accurate examination results.

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