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Something About Emergency Ultrasound

1. The important role of emergency department ultrasound

Emergency care ultrasound is an important part of the ultrasound department. It has the advantages of timely, non-invasive and dynamic observation of disease changes. It can be carried out in emergency departments, general wards, operating rooms and intensive care units.


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In China, ultrasound doctors are stationed in the emergency department 24 hours a day in many hospitals, providing ultrasound imaging service to clinicians and emergency patients. In the examination of critically ill patients, especially those with abdominal trauma, it is able to evaluate the part, scope and severity of the injury, so as to provide patients with early and rapid assessment and buy time for treatment.

2. Which patients need emergency department ultrasound? What are the disadvantages of emergency department ultrasound?

As a clinician, you need to know the examination parts and indications of emergency department ultrasound, understand the emergency care ultrasound report correctly, and provide help for clinical work. At the same time, it is also necessary for the patient and his family to understand some basic knowledge, such as intractable diseases that do not immediately threaten the patient's life and it will reduce the department's burden if not to go to the emergency department .

In emergency situations, ultrasound is not everything but you can do nothing without emergency department ultrasound. For example, the ultrasound examination of the liver, biliary system and pancreas usually requires patients to check on an empty stomach to reduce the interference of gastrointestinal gas on the above-mentioned parts; in addition, the gallbladder will shrink after eating, which is not conducive to the observation of lesions in the gallbladder by ultrasound.

Some patients go to the emergency room at night because they go to work during the day and think it is convenient to come to the hospital for examination at night. There are also patients who come to the emergency department because the outpatient appointment time is too long and they want to be checked in advance. What the patients did is often complained about by emergency ultrasound doctors. Non-emergency patients undergoing the emergency ultrasound examinations may not get an accurate ultrasound diagnoses also occupy the time of real emergency patients.

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