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Stay True to Original Intention: Stork Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Strikes a Pose on Stage in 84th CMEF

During May 13-16, 2021, the 84th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF, spring) was successfully held in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). More than 5,000 enterprises, almost half of the world's medical industry, gathered in this 300,000 square meters' hall, to showcase their new medical technologies and new products.

The 84th China International Medical Equipment Fair

The 84th China International Medical Equipment Fair

Keep moving for years - Stork stays true to its original intention

"Care for Global Health, and push ultrasonic diagnosis to a new height." Our quality makes doctors more focused; Our responsibility protects the whole examination process of patients. After years of in-depth research and innovation in handheld ultrasound, Stork has made a wonderful appearance with a number of its series and blockbuster products. In this exhibition, Stork not only displayed the H series (the earliest and longest battery life) and the S series (light and handy), but also the Lite series (the lightest and handiest). Lite series includes 6 probes: convex array probe, low frequency micro convex probe, high frequency micro convex probe, conventional linear array probe, ultra-high frequency linear array probe, and phased array transducers, all of which provide more professional customized solutions for different hospital departments and different medical requirements. The Yunying system connects clinical departments and community medical institutions with ultrasound experts in real-time. The diagnostic level of basic medical care can be improved through internet teaching / Internet diagnosis with the help of internet video, which can be a boost to tiered medical diagnosis and treatment!

Since the establishment of the Taishun remote model room, handheld ultrasound plus 5G remote has been soon implemented, achieving real-time ultrasound consultation, remote teaching and quality control of difficult cases, which has gained wide concern and recognition from society.

Stork Ultrasound Probes Company

Stork Ultrasound Probes Company

Stork Ultrasound Probes Company

Stork Ultrasound Probes Company

Stork Ultrasound Probes Company

Good at "core", shown in "shape" - Stork wireless handheld ultrasound probe with great potential

Every time Stork wireless handheld ultrasound products are shown on the exhibition stand, they attract much attention from experts of clinics and relevant industries. Watching our products, these experts show their love for our products.

Stork Ultrasound Probes CompanyStork Ultrasound Probes Company

Stork Ultrasound Probes Display

Excellent performance of Stork Ultrasound Probes

  • 64 channels, 128 elements;

  • 200 grams, Wi-Fi connection;

  • Zero delays, no jamming;

  • The first wireless handheld ultrasonic phased array heart probe;

  • Unique GPU architecture;

  • The Yunying system, real-time, mobile remote.

The above are the characteristics and highlights of Stork, which contribute to the quality of high-definition ultrasound images and enhance doctors' confidence in clinical diagnosis, so as to protect our patients' health!

If you have been paying attention to our products, you will find that our different ultrasound probes are upgraded regularly, or that new products and technologies are introduced at intervals. There are 3 reasons for it: a. we have our own algorithm system; b. We have the original imaging platform and software; c. We have a strong R&D team! They are humble, and they work hard. They keep innovating and challenging themselves. They can always make a very rapid response to the clinical demands, develop new products and technologies, and further improve the quality of products.

Stork US APP ImageStork US APP ImageStork US APP Image

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