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Stork Was Invited by the X Clinic of Shanghai City Channel

X Clinic is a popular science column that brings comprehensive and in-depth practical health knowledge to the common people. More than 1,000 episodes of the show have been broadcast, giving the audience a rich accumulation in the medical field in a humorous way. In the special column of the Labor Day, "A tribute to the workers, doctors do have unique skills", Professor Hu Bing and Dr. Guo Qian, the directors of the ultrasound department of Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital, took the Stork handheld ultrasound device to the host to do the examination of the carotid artery and thyroid gland. During the examination, Dr. Guo also demonstrated his experienced puncture skills. Let's see the highlights of the show!

About Stork Ultrasound Probes

1. The handheld ultrasound device is really portable

At the beginning of the program, Director Hu Bing popularized the history of ultrasound development. It turns out that this painless and harmless technology is inextricably linked to Jiangnan Shipyard. The principle is to use ultrasound reflection echo technology to detect if the human body is healthy, so the sonographer is the "eye and hand" of clinical treatments to find out the key point for doctors.

When Dr. Guo offered to do ultrasound examinations for everyone on the spot, the hosts said in unison, "that's a big one, isn't there a car to be pushed over?" Then Dr. Hu brought everyone the Stork's handheld ultrasound device, a tablet and a handheld wireless ultrasound probe. He gestured to the instrument with his hand and said, "this is the most advanced handheld portable ultrasound machine."

2. Ultrasonic images can be seen anytime and anywhere with a handheld ultrasound device

As one of the most professional handheld ultrasound probe companies, Stork has built its own remote platform to facilitate expert consultation and grassroots services. Experts can see the images transmitted in real-time from the remote end without going out of the office and can see the manipulation and ultrasonic image of the operation end through video. Isn't it very convenient?

3. Is the image quality of handheld ultrasound devices reliable?

Dr. Guo did an examination on both sides of the carotid artery and thyroid at the spot, and found a nodule about 3 mm on the left side of the host's thyroid. It is safe to say that the small machines are reliable as they can detect even rice-sized nodules. Regardless of its small size, it can scan over the whole body, and it has diverse applications in the hospital.

4. Will there be a delay in the puncture guided by a handheld ultrasound device?

Dr. Hu said that ultrasound is no longer for positioning, but also for precise treatment. Ultrasound-guided puncture technology can coagulate the lesion and reduce its activity. At the spot, Dr. Guo used a simulated human body to show the audience the puncture. Stork handheld portable ultrasound machine has a GPU architecture, faster image processing speed, and completely synchronized display. Once there is a delay, it is likely to cause a major medical accident. Dr. Guo has practised puncture technique since he was a postgraduate, and achieved perfection through constant practice.

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