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  • PW Automatic Measurement

    Atherosclerosis is a systemic disease that is responsible for most cardiovascular events and stroke. Therefore, a regular exam for carotid is necessary for the elder. Stork PW measurement can quickly provide 13 parameters and 34 indicators.
  • Smart Identification for CCA and IMT

    This function provides real-time support for clinicians during scans, which will help more people use ultrasound. The color turns red when CCA appears and green when IMT appears. In the future more AI identification will be invented to expand the application.
  • Harmonic Imaging

    Harmonic imaging can potentially provide higher quality of ultrasound images.
  • Intima-media Thickness (IMT) Measurement

    Stork IMT measurement can form a report according to the age and gender of patients.
  • Enhanced Needle Visualization (ENV)

    Needle visualization is important for safe and successful ultrasound-guided surgery. Stork handheld ultrasound software Enhanced Needle Visualization (ENV) provides improved ultrasound imaging of needles even at steep insertion angles.
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