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Telemedicine involves performing bedside ultrasounds from one location with images transmitted and interpreted by a provider located in an entirely separate geographic area. Costs have been greatly reduced by the telemedicine platform.

Stork, as a professional ultrasound probe manufacturer, has its own telemedicine platform to realize two-way voice and video communication. A remote practitioner can connect the novice or peer on his phone/tablet/PC anywhere.

Technology has evolved so that practitioners can make informed decisions about patient care management and diagnoses quickly, no matter where the patient is.

1. Zero delays of remote ultrasound

Stork's high concurrency design supports simultaneous upload of data streams for more than a thousand ultrasound devices at the same time. The optimization of the algorithm can effectively reduce the upload delay and control it to less than 10ms.

Stork's global distributed server enables all the countries automatically to be dispatched and matched without any geographical restrictions and to dynamically find and select the best server.

2. Ultrasound image/video 1080P high-definition transmission

Stork's cloud telemedicine supports high-definition images without delay up to 1080P resolution. Stork ultrasound has applied compression technology for key images, which effectively reduces the upload ultrasound traffic at the transmission end, and at the same time reduces the terminal download ultrasound traffic, thereby reducing the load requirements on the entire network. Stork designs compression technology based on wavelet Transform, which can effectively reduce the bandwidth requirement of 100 megabytes to several megabytes, thereby providing high-definition image transmission under low bandwidth conditions.

Stork Telemedicine Platform

Stork Wireless Ultrasound Transducer

Stork Telemedicine Platform

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