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The Wireless Handheld Ultrasound from Stork

Information about Stork Healthcare 

Stork is an equipment manufacturer specializing in the field of wireless handheld ultrasound. We are an innovative high-tech enterprise that integrates production, learning and research, and is committed to providing more complete product solutions in the field of medical imaging and improving the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment. Stork has over 80% of talents with medical engineering backgrounds. The chief scientist is a master of electrical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and has more than 10 years of work experience in the ultrasound industry and has extensive experience in ultrasound image processing, image algorithm research, and image optimization.

Stork Ultrasound Probe Imaging

Our company's technical team has obtained 18 US invention patents, 19 Chinese invention patents and 8 patents pending in the field of ultrasound. Several invention patents and advanced functions of Stork are designed for the special processing procedures of handheld devices, such as PW automatic measurement and evaluation, AI intelligent recognition, harmonic imaging, intima-media thickness (IMT), carotid artery Automatic identification of plaque, enhanced visualization of puncture, etc. Stork healthcare focuses on ultrasound imaging equipment and solutions, with the goal of making handheld ultrasound affordable to more and more people.

Stork Team

(L: Linear ultrasound probe, C: Convex array probe, P: Phased Array ultrasound probe.)

H Series Probe VS. Lite Series Probe

H Series Probe VS. Lite Series Probe

H series probe

32 channels, 128 elements, the image is clearer; its weight is 300g, the body is small and easy to carry; 6000 mAh built-in battery, 4h working time.

Blade series probe

64 channels, 128 elements, higher image resolution; its weight is 200g, smaller and lighter; 3000 mAh built-in battery, 1.5h working time.

Frequency: convex array 2-5MHz, linear array 4-12MHz, phased array 2-5MHz

Depth (Max): convex array 37.8cm, linear array 12cm, phased array 18.9cm

Imaging mode: B/C/M/PW/PD/DPD

Image adjustment: depth, gain, dynamic range, frequency, image enhancement, grayscale, frame correlation

Measurement methods: area, inner diameter stenosis ratio, ellipse, length, angle measurement, hip joint, intima-media thickness (IMT)

(Note: IMT is only available for linear arrays.)

Frame rate: 100frame

Image format: JPG/PNG/BMP/DCM

Linear  (H31L, Lite31L)

It can be applied to the carotid artery, muscle, peripheral blood vessel, thyroid, chest, superficial, biopsy, etc.


H31L Linear Probe


Lite31L Linear Probe

Convex  (H31C, Lite31C)

It can be applied to the abdomen, kidney, gynaecology, middle and late OB, early OB, phantom, biopsy, spleen, etc.


H31C Convex Probe


Lite31C Convex Probe

Phased array (Lite31P)

Lite31P Phased Array Probe

It is mainly used in the heart, but can also be used in the abdomen.

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Address: Room 301, Block B, Torch Building, No. 16, Chuangye Road, High-tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan Province


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