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Tiered Diagnosis and Treatment with the Handheld Ultrasound Device

Importance of handheld ultrasound device

The handheld ultrasound device can be applied to any level of the hospital. It is especially suitable for general practitioners, community doctors and family doctors in community hospitals, township hospitals and even village-level clinics in primary medical units. Especially with the advent of an ageing society, a large number of elderly patients with chronic diseases and limited mobility need frequent ultrasound examinations. The "visual diagnosis device" will become a powerful assistant for every doctor to carry out diagnosis and treatment, and even can be used in daily life in family one day like an electronic blood pressure meter or an electronic blood glucose meter, becoming a routine inspection tool for people's preventive health care. Family doctors can perform ultrasound screening of patients at home at the first time, such as the initial diagnosis of common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases including gallstones, hydronephrosis, fatty liver, so as to avoid a large number of patients waiting in the ultrasound room waiting in line.

In this situation, it is necessary to develop ultrasound technology to care for patients. Stork specializes in manufacturing the handheld wireless ultrasound device. If you are interested in the high-quality handheld wireless ultrasound probe, please contact us at any time.

Practical application scenario of Stork handheld ultrasound device

In remote rural areas and urban communities, doctors can carry visual diagnosis devices for outpatient visits. And for difficult images, they can be uploaded to higher-level hospitals for remote consultations via the Internet. The biggest problem with ultrasound examination at the grassroots is not the hardware, but the serious shortage of sonographers. Some primary medical institutions have been unable to recruit sonographers for a long time. By seeking cooperation with remote diagnosis platforms, primary medical institutions can complete more medical services and inject more vitality into the basic medical ecology.

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