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Types and Applications of Ultrasonography Transducer

Ⅰ. The type of ultrasonography transducer

According to key factors such as piezoelectric crystal arrangement, covering area, and frequency, different types of ultrasound transducers can be used. The most effective types are as follows:

1. Linear transducer In this ultrasonography transducer, the piezoelectric crystal array is linear.

2. Phased array transducers - this type of transducer has a small covering area and low frequency. (The main frequency is 2 MHz–7 MHz)

3. Standard transducer-this model is also introduced as a convex transducer. In this type, the piezoelectric crystal has a curved shape. For in-depth applications, these are very appropriate.

4. For non-destructive testing, there are many types of ultrasonography transducers, including angle beam transducers, delay line transducers, immersion transducers, contact transducers and dual crystal transducers.

Ⅱ. Application of ultrasonography transducer

The applications of the ultrasonography transducer are diverse. The transducer has many uses in different fields such as medical treatment and industry. Due to ultrasound, the ultrasound transducer has more demand, which helps to find the object and measure the distance from the object to the target. It can then identify the location of the object and evaluate the state of the target.

Moreover, these ultrasound transducers are beneficial in the medical field. They are used in surgery for the treatment of cancer, internal organ tests, heart examinations, diagnostic tests, eye and uterine examinations.

Ultrasonography transducers are used in the industrial age, and they have some important applications. They can measure the distance to a specific target to stay away from collisions, product line management, liquid level control, detection of disconnection, identification of people and vehicles for counting, and so on.

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