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Using Stork US App

Start A New Medical Case

Ⅰ. Start a New Case

1. Connect the ultrasonic probe to your mobile device.

2. Select the preset if desired.

3. Use ultrasound gel as a transmission medium.

4. You are now ready to start scanning.

Ⅱ. Enter Patient Data

Add manually from Worklist

  • Patient Details

  • MRN (Medical Record Number)

  • Patient Name

  • Age

  • Doctor (Performed By)

  • Sex (Male, Female)

Ⅲ. Change presets

To change the preset for the case, tap the Preset button in the bottom right of your screen.

Freeze and Unfreeze

You can freeze the live image at any time to capture the current or recent frames as images.

Tap the snowflake icon to freeze the image then tap it again to unfreeze. Or, press the button(see component 4 of S 31C above) on the probe once to freeze and twice to unfreeze.

Gain, TGC, Depth

Stork Ultrasound Probe Image

Gain Adjustment

Slide the lower button, also you can slide up or down on the upper left side to make it more convenient to adjust.

TGC Adjustment

Tap the  image.png  icon on the top right corner to find TGC then slide left or right to adjust.

Depth Adjustment

Slide the lower button left or right to adjust.

Record or Capture Images

When you capture an image or record a video clip, the image or clip is automatically saved to the Capture Reel.

1. Capturing Images

Tap the snowflake icon to freeze the image and the camera icon to capture it.

2. Recording a Clip

Tap the video camera icon 图片8.png to begin recording then tap the icon again to end it.

3. Using the Capture Reel

Tap the Capture Reel - Swipe left or right to view the previous and next item in the reel - Export the report.

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