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Stork wireless ultrasound is ideal for vascular accessments with its automatic blood flow evaluation and puncture guideline.Therefore reducing complications and increasing patency.


- 64 physical channels, 128 elements, high resolution imaging

- GPU architecture, zero delay lag-free, puncture is safer

- WI-FI connection, built-in battery, connect in seconds

- B, C, PW mode, one-key measurement of blood flow rate

- Light body, weight 200g

- In-plane multi-angle puncture and out-of-plane central puncture, puncture enhancement.


Preoperative evaluation:

Stork wireless handheld ultrasound provides more useful information to select appropriate blood vessels and surgical sites. It can see clearly the inner diameter of the blood vessel, the shape of the wall, the presence or absence of thrombus, calcification, the blood flow velocity of the artery, the dilatability and patency of the vein, the position of the vein from the skin, etc.


Preoperative evaluation of fistula placement


Cephalic vein diameter and distance from skin


Automatic measurement of radial artery blood flow

Intra-cannulation positioning and post-cannulation monitoring:

Stork high-frequency linear probe can accurately locate the position and depth of the vein, select the best needle insertion angle and observe the relationship with the adjacent arteries to avoid mispuncture. At the same time, it has the functions of in-plane multi-angle puncture and out-of-plane central puncture, puncture enhancement, etc. It can display the position of the needle tip in real time and improve the success rate of catheter placement.



Puncture location in the hemodialysis center

Postoperative monitoring:

Monitor the maturity of the fistula (anastomotic patency and changes in the inner diameter, flow velocity and flow of the blood vessel), and check the internal complications (venous aneurysm expansion, thrombosis, plaque formation, stenosis, occlusion, pseudoaneurysm).



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