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What is a Linear Ultrasonic Probe? What's It For?

Uses of linear probe ultrasound

The diagnosis condition that Stork linear probe ultrasound uses :

  • Vascular ( Arteriosclerosis, Needle Guide)

  • Breast, Thyroid

  • MSK ( Tendon, Arthrosis)

  • Intraoperative (Laparoscopy etc.)

  • Healthcare (Muscle, Fat)

It is easy to determine the type of probe by checking its shape. Each type of ultrasound scan probe requires different clinical expertise, and some probes can be used for a variety of tests.

The linear probe has a flat array and appearance. It can be applied to scan small and superficial structures, such as the thyroid gland on the neck. The images produced by linear probes are more square or rectangular.

With the development of ultrasound technology, the quality and efficiency have been greatly developed.  Stork has different ultrasound probes for sale. Contact us as soon as possible.

Founded in 2016, Stork has taken merely four years to become one of the leading ultrasound probe manufacturers in China. As a device and solutions provider focused on handheld portable ultrasound devices, we aim to make handheld ultrasound affordable for everyone. If you have any need in this regard, please feel free to inquire.

Linear Probe Ultrasound

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