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What is POCUS?

1. What is POCUS ultrasound?

POCUS stands for Point Of Care Ultrasound System, a method for trained medical professionals use ultrasound to diagnose problems when treating patients in any setting(whether in a modern hospital, an ambulance or a remote village).

In a narrow sense, POCUS ultrasound describes the ultrasound evaluation of a patient at the patient's bedside, usually in a medical facility. This term recognizes the use of portable ultrasound equipment without the inconvenience of the patient needing to move to the radiology facility to be scanned.

At a broader level, POCUS ultrasound encompasses a variety of scenarios in which portable ultrasound can be used. For example, a portable ultrasound device can be used to scan a patient on the way from an ambulance to an emergency room. Or in a trauma room after a patient is taken to a hospital emergency room. Thus, "POC Ultrasound" stands for portable ultrasound equipment that can be transported to wherever the patient is.

2. Why is Point of Care Ultrasound important?

POCUS is often used for emergency medical services. Point of Care Ultrasound can provide more efficient emergency medical services. Typically, many healthcare facilities use this ultrasound protocol in triage and emergency rooms. POCUS allows doctors to monitor a patient's medical symptoms as they try to diagnose the cause of them. POCUS quickly provides general ultrasound insight, thereby minimizing wait times and hospital stays, while reducing costs.

An example of a POCUS that can be used in an emergency is a cardiac ultrasound. Despite a specific ultrasound heart scan, a doctor or similar medical practitioner can look at the ventricles and see the function of the blood vessels that lead to the heart, such as the inferior vena cava or aorta. Also, doctors can determine if there is any fluid called pericardial effusion around the heart by using POCUS. There are several POCUS tests that can be done in an emergency and can help doctors save lives quickly or treat patients better.

There are a variety of applications of Point of Care Ultrasound in patient monitoring. Many medical facilities have observation areas for observing patients after surgery or monitoring bad conditions, and POCUS ultrasound is a great way to quickly assess a patient's condition. In addition to monitoring, POCUS can be used for various therapeutic procedures. Some treatment procedures include puncture, thoracentesis, paracentesis, aspiration, placement of various medical tools (such as tubes) in the body, and foreign body removal.

Please note that all procedures can be performed at the patient's bedside rather than using traditional ultrasound (when the patient must be transported to the radiology area for an ultrasound by a sonographer). Additionally, POCUS ultrasound machine can be used in any guided medical procedure to help surgeons stay in the areas they need to access during surgery.

3. Where to buy a POCUS ultrasound system for personal use?

Nowadays, Point of Care Ultrasound Machines are more and more popular, and the portability of the equipment can greatly improve the diagnostic efficiency, allowing doctors to use it freely in large hospitals or small remote clinics. So, do you know where to buy a POCUS ultrasound system for personal use?

Stork Healthcare is a company specializing in ultrasound, providing portable non-invasive diagnostic ultrasound medical equipment and services. The company has its own original research imaging platform, as well as many key technologies such as original research elastography technology. The existing handheld ultrasound products can be used for liver disease diagnosis, cervical vascular screening, and thyroid screening. Stork POCUS Cardiac Ultrasound is light in weight (less than 300g) and has a built-in battery for easy portability.

At the same time, Stork also carried out research on the clinical application of handheld ultrasound in emergency, anesthesia and vascular surgery with some clinical hospitals. We are committed to providing solutions to problems in the medical imaging field, thereby improving the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us.

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