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What is the Difference Between Convex Transducer and Convex Positive Ultrasonic Detection?

1. What is a convex transducer?

The convex ultrasonic transducer is also known as a curved transducer because the piezoelectric crystal arrangement is curved and the beam shape is convex, both of which make the convex transducer ideal for in-depth examinations.

Even as the depth increases, the image resolution decreases. The space, frequency and application of the convex transducer also depend on whether it is used for 2D or 3D imaging. For 2D imaging, a convex transducer has a large coverage area with a center frequency of 2.5MHz–7.5MHz.

There are many ultrasound machine probe types that can be used in the medical field. In this article, Stork Healthcare, as one of the most reliable handheld ultrasound probe companies, will tell you the application of the convex ultrasound probe. The convex ultrasound probe can be used for abdominal examination, transvaginal and transrectal examination, and organ diagnosis.

The convex transducer has a wide field of view and a center frequency of 3.5MHz to 6.5MHz. It can be used for abdominal examination.

In addition to convex transducers, there is a subtype called a micro convex transducer. The micro convex transducer is much smaller and is typically used by paediatricians and neonatologists.

2. What is the difference between probe and transducer?

Ultrasonic transducers use piezoelectric ceramics to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. In general, the ultrasonic generator generates an ultrasonic wave, which is then converted into mechanical vibration by a transducer, and then the mechanical vibration passes through a derivation device to conduct ultrasonic waves. The ultrasonic transducer cannot work itself, as a drive circuit is needed to provide a driving voltage to make the transducer work.

The ultrasonic probe, also known as the ultrasonic sensor, is a combination of an ultrasonic transducer and a driving circuit, which can self-transmit and self-receive signals.

Therefore, the difference between the ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic probe is clear. The ultrasonic probe contains the ultrasonic transducer, and they are complementary. Without the transducer, the probe cannot work. The transducer needs a driving circuit to work, and the ultrasonic transducer probe is a combination of the transducer and the driving circuit.

As an ultrasound transducer manufacturer and ultrasound probe manufacturer, our company is a hi-tech innovative company in the field of handheld ultrasonic devices. We have been working with the government, enterprises, universities and research institutions for a long time. We are committed to providing solutions for medical imaging, so as to improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

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